Netbeans/Glassfish = Community

Very interestingly one of the things that the Sun folks asked at on the Second Life Meeting on Thursday night was what would make people come along? (it was packed out as it was).

Someone said “more free stuff”.

I then pointed out that actually, we get so much for free we need to be thinking about giving to the community not taking it.

For Free from Sun Microsystems and the Community

– Netbeans – FULL Java IDE that supports doing just about anything you want to do with a computer

– Glassfish – The most AWESOME application server ever

– The Java database tool – Even has its own small database system

– MYSQL (industry standard database) – Sun Microsystems are doing this.

– Updates and Support for Free

You try buying that lot from Mr Gates ad you will be spending a LOT of money. (£4000 for an enterprise version of .net for one developer with MSDE membership).

So here’s a call – to those who are learning and starting out – lets build community – join Second Life and come visit the Sun Microsystems islands where you can get involved with the Java Developers Group.

Promote Netbeans and Java within your own developer community (once you’ve got into it you will be doing it!).

Perhaps start a blog.

Oh and by the way don’t forget that Netbeans and Glassfish don’t just run on windows – you can get an UBUNTU linux box going in about an hour (if everything goes ok) and have a full office compatible system with a development environment and industry class SQL server (MYSQL) for free.

I have to say the folks at Sun Microsystems have been amazing as my company has been exploring the Java platform.

Good job guys. Onwards and Upwards


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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