Sun Microsystems and MYSQL get Married

Wedding bells are in the air. But what does this mean?

The marriage of Sun Microsystems  and MYSQL means quite a lot. It is a very strategic move that Mr Msoft should have thought of. With Netbeans fast becoming a favorite amongst developers it means MYSQL could become the defacto back end database standard, leaving Mr Msoft sadly not invited to the reception.

For a developer learning Netbeans from .net is not rocket science, neither is working from Mr Msofts database server over to sunny MYSQL. So we could see a new breed of developer who’s first choice is always the MYSQL/Netbeans platform for anything from a small website up to a full enterprise system with glassfish.

Perhaps it could even become the point that servers will be rolled out with Ubuntu Linux on since we don’t really care what we run our java/mysql on – it makes no difference.

One of the main objections to java as a language and development tool is the cost of ownership is higher in the long run because you have to have better programmers, oh, sorry, did I say better, I meant more expensive, so you’re initial rejoicing at getting a cheap start up base becomes dogged by the fact you’re spending $100 US a day more on programmers to roll out the “Widget Stock System”. (man I’m biased).

Times are changing and I think for the better. Netbeans is a true RAD tool and now that MYSQL is part of the family you can build an enterprise system with Mr Msoft even getting a look in, except perhaps on the client machines operating system unless the user is running Linux or Mac.

So every blessing to your new marriage and I hope the honeymoon lasts forever. The nice thing is – we are all invited, at no cost.


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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