Solaris 10… next views

Ok so Friday I spent a whole hour in Windows (just doing some very sad access stuff). Then I had netbeans work to do so I switched to Solaris, also having Second Life running in it PLUS running over two screens after install the Latest NVIDIA driver from their site.

I found a java remote desktop tool so I can look after some windows boxes and all in all I was very impressed with the speed of the system during the day. Especially the Internet connection – I don’t know why (perhaps because I’m running IPV6) but when the windows users were complaining their internet was running slow I was still getting solid high speed.

I got the Email system talking to our works exchange server with no problem which was great.

I am running the Sun Solaris 10 rather than the open source version, mainly because we are in a production environment.


One of the windows users asked me how many times it has crashed.. NONE I said – oh, he said I’m on about 3 times with Vista. (I make no commment here)

Its fast

Second Life runs well in it

It hooks up to my works Exchange server perfectly allowing me to work with my email. 

I’ve got access to my Windows Partition and it is happy talking to the Windows network which has been brilliant.

I do have the feeling some  of the users who walk past my desk are starting to get a bit jealous. 

When I installed Solaris it automatically set up the Grub Boot loader for me which was very cool.

Netbeans 6 runs like a dream its amazing. Far better than under windows.


Firstly – Printing…we have a windows shared printer running on a Windows 2003 server. At present I’ve not managed to make this work.

Virtual Box – I’m getting  a silly error on this and I’m sure I’ll crack it but it really needs to be install and go folks. Once I have vbox running I’ll back up my windows system and set it up to run as a Virtual Machine under Solaris. – I’ll let you know how that goes. Because once thats done I doubt I’ll use Windows in raw mode at all. Simply no need.

I don’t like using windows now.

Summary (so far)

Solaris needs to do a NetBeans and come of age, it needs a “Control Panel” type system that makes it easy to administer things. It needs a nice program for installing software (although the terminal software is good it is better if you can just download and “RUN” a download rather than having to go into terminal and play).

But saying that it was worth the install and as a day to day os it’s rock solid and fast.


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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