Second Life Book Launch – Kicking Butt with MIDP and MSA: Creating Great Mobile Applications.

I had some time out from RL (real life) work to attend a book launch with Jonathan Knudsen talking about his new book (title above), there was a short presentation about the book (during which Mr Knudsen dissappeared for a break when his computer decided he would have “Technical Problems”, It’s ok Jonathan, everone has to go to the toilet sometimes).

I thought the presentation was good but could have been longer. The biggest problem I guess is you want to communicate what’s in the book without actually giving the book away (kind of “Hands up who’s not here”).

Anyway – after the presentation they let us, the angry crowd loose with questions which was VERY interesting and this is actually one of the things I really like about Second Life events put on by Sun. The Q&A sessions. After the baying crowd had squeezed every ounce of interesting topics from Jonathon we retired to the Live 2.0 event on the Dr Dobbs Islands where I met a very nice guy called Dan from Sun Microsystems (sheesh they get everywhere), who asked me some more interesting questions which I’ll discuss further on..

booksigning1.jpgSo – Will I buy the book? YES why? I think because I will be doing a mobile app (or two) and I think that I’ve had enough of an introduction to have the “I’m safe spending money” feeling.

More about Jonathan’s book:
See for full table of contents
Purchase at (30% discount for non-Sun employees, lucky wotsits)

Over to Dan, now Dan from Sun (/me waves!) asked me some great questions, what 3 things could make developers lives easier. I am talking from a commercial developer point of view trying to show people how good Net beans actually is. I think my answers were something like this…

1. Sort out that jolly form on the Sun Developer Support site – I have Paid for Developer support, the support is fantastic BUT every time you want to submit a ticket you have to enter a whole bunch of information over and over again. I asked Dan if we could have a knowledgebase kind of system where I could log in and see my old tickets. Also the whole mode of support – if it’s a Netbeans problem with an enterprise system I really don’t want to send them my project and all the data. Especially since some projects are not allowed to be released. Why not get the guys to use the Awesome built in collaboration tools!

2. Provision of a commerce facing website. I’m won over to the “SUNny” way of thinking. But a lot of CTO’s CEO’s are still afraid of Java (like it’s some kind of monster that will bite them). I think what’s needed is a commercial facing website showing large and medium businesses running with java based solutions. This would make life easier for the poor develoepers who are won over to Java and Glassfish/Sun App server but then can’t use it in their work environment simply because “The Boss likes Windows”.

3. A free netbeans t-shirt

Courtesy of Roman Strobl’s Blog

(3 was easy)

Anyway you know what I liked, I liked being asked the questions. That is why if you are a developer you should go into Second Life, find other developers and get in with the community, join the Java Users Group and you get invited to some really good events, that you don’t have to even leave the comfort of your office or home for.

Look me up when you’re in there! Pnc Blessed

PS Oh and by the way – the presentation screen in the picture I built when I was working for another company. 🙂
PPS Sorry about the picture quality apparantly the Solaris version of Second Life has bad eyesight when it comes to taking pictures.


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I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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