Solaris 10


1. Take one DVD copy of Solaris 10
2. Find a machine it will mostly run on – older machines tend not to work (use UBUNTU, that runs on any old dog).
3. Install
4. Install WEBMIN (PLEASE save yourself any grief )
5. Use webmin (http://localhost:10000) to set up your users (use root and your root password to login)
6. Login as the new user

Now you’re ready to work

Running Virtual Box

I couldn’t for the life of me be bothered to faff around with getting Virtual Box running. If Sun own it, it should just install and go on a Sun operating system. So instead after some whining at the purchasing manager here I got a copy of win4solaris which runs FAULTLESSLY, its fast, looks amazing and allows me to work on the sad Microsoft Access projects I have to deal with.

Running everything else

Well I’ve been using Solaris for about a week now so here goes with the things to cheer about and the things to complain about!

Cheers! Hooray!

It’s very very stable, very very very stable. It runs as fast when you turn it on as it does when you’ve been running for hours. Even with Second Life, Netbeans and other things running.

This makes my life a joy because I’m not constantly crashing or having problems.


It runs Second Life (very important).

Runs Netbeans beautifully.

Has great desktop backgrounds (little things please little minds!).

Networking speed – it ROCKS when the windows users are complaining its going slow again mine is running like the proverbial wind. (perhaps greedy Solaris is stealing all the bandwidth from the Windows users).

Sad! Boohoo!

Come on Sun! Install a CONTROL PANEL. Somewhere to manage users, groups, etc like Windows has! The problem with Solaris is that you have to be willing to get inside the box and dig to use it. This could be (like Ubuntu which I think is awesome) a first rate operating system. Ok I can install webmin, fine – so bundle webmin and have a link to it from the desktop.

Also it should have something like the “APT-GET” utility in Ubuntu. (I’m not linking it again ok, just use the link above). Like a software search facility gui which also installs the packages… ok ok I’ll write somethig when I get time.

There’s a couple of projects for me when I get some spare time! (IF I ever get any spare time).


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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