Using SQL Server 2000 with Netbeans 6.1 (can’t see any tables)


I’m just starting a HUGE project which has a SQL sever 2000 database at the back. So I configured up the SQL database and couldn’t see any tables…

The problem?

I needed to select the dbo schema not the name of the database. So your settings should be like this:-

Connection String: jdbc:sqlserver://;databaseName=(database name)
Schema (this is the important bit) : dbo

For some reason I mistook the Schema for the DATABASE NAME which in NB is a completely different thing.

I also tried the jtds driver and decided to use that – it’s open source and provides even faster connection.

Note that ODBC is old hat now and you should not use it as it’s really slow and probably ends up using the same sort of code you would use directly but with extra layers.




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  1. Thank you so much. Ran into the same issue.. using jtds hitting a remote server… i would never have guessed to use dbo instead of my database name

  2. No problems – took me a bit of time to find it.

    By the way I would recommend that JTDS driver it’s so much better than the normal SQL one.

  3. i’d like to know how do you find out. I am a Sybase employee and knew it’s not documented. However, just a note that this seems to be a problem with Netbeans, as our IDE product didn’t ask user for schema (so you don’t need to know about ‘dbo’ in this case).

    • Well, you know I just have spent my life since I was 16 doing computers, it’s just a knack I guess.

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