Reading from an External HTML form.

One of our clients had an external contacts form on their website that they wanted to populate the database with. So Here’s the code. FIrst of all I created a nice JSF page then in the INIT code I called an enterprise Java bean with the save routine.

Since this is not straightforwards I though I’d share it…

In the init() phase of the Java server page.


HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest)
            String sResult="";
            Map MapToSend=request.getParameterMap();
            if (!sResult.equals("Save Complete")) {
                hypRETURN.setText("Click Here to go back and try again");


SOme notes here:-

I had a static text box called msgRESULT which displays the result of calling the “saveContactMap” routine in the bean.

Also I wanted to make sure that if there was a problem I would change a Hyperlink to return the user to the completed page so they could fix it before hitting send again…don’t worry it will make sense below.

In the bean first a simple bit of code to get the Field & Value of a key from one that has been submitted, note that the first element is of a string.

The second bit of code actually does some comparing and saves the contact to the database, but only if it’s passed the verification (since thier web designer didn’t do any!).

      * Get a field from a request
      * @param request
      * @param sField
      * @return the value as a string
    private String sGetField(Map<String,String[]> request, String sField) {
        for(String key: request.keySet()) {
            if (key.equals(sField)) return request.get(key)[0];
        return "";
     * Saves a contact detail from a web form to the database
     * @param Params the Map <String,String[]> of the request
     * @return a string result
    public String saveContactMap(Map Params) {
            String sResult="Save Complete";
            String firstname = sGetField(Params,"firstname");
            String lastname = sGetField(Params,"lastname");
            String email = sGetField(Params,"email");
           String telephone = sGetField(Params,"bro_telephone");
            String address1=sGetField(Params,"ADDRESS 1");
            String address2=sGetField(Params,"ADDRESS 2");
            String town=sGetField(Params,"TOWN");
            String county=sGetField(Params,"COUNTY");
            String postcode=sGetField(Params,"POSTCODE");
            if (firstname.equals("")) {
                return "Please enter your first name";
            if (lastname.equals("")) {
                return "Please enter your surname";
            if (address1.equals("") ||
                    county.equals("") ||
                    town.equals("") ||
                    postcode.equals("")) {
                return "Please enter your full address";
            if (telephone.equals("")) {
                return "Please enter your phone number";
            Contacts thisContact = new PHJ.Contacts();
                thisContact.setEnquiryorstudent("web enquiry");
                thisContact.setLastcontact(new Date());
                thisContact.setLastenquirydate(new Date());
        return sResult;

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