Not wishing to sound like Victor Meldrew but….

I don’t beleive it.

Finally we get our selves migrated all the way to netbeans 6.5 and then we discover that the icefaces plugins which don’t work with 6.1 don’t work properly with 6.5.

The problem is that if you use any of the panels Like the tab control you drop controls on the tab and they just dissappear.

We *ARE* considering buying Icefaces support but actually I think they need to get it working first, I mean you wouldn’t buy a car if only half of it worked would you?


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  1. If upgrade to NB 6.5 Patch 2, drop tab to the tabset, the tab control shows up.

  2. drop a Tab on TabSet, follow by drop a panelLayout. From the navigator view, drag panelLayout to drop on Tab. drop inputText to panelLayout.

    Can you do the above steps?.

  3. We

    1. Created a new web application – chose visual web icefaces as a framework
    2. Dropped a Tabset
    3. Dropped a Tab
    4. Dropped the Panel Layout on the Tab
    5. Dropped the inputText on the panel Layout

    It all works but nothing is rendered apart from the tabset.

  4. focus on TabSet –> PanelTabSet Properties –> change selectedIndex to the one that just add.

    Is the TabSet showing the selectedIndex Tab?

  5. No, if you change selectedindex the tab does not change.

  6. Patch 2 netbeans 6.5 should resolve the above issue. If the tab is not showing, please attach or send me the message.log in user directory.

  7. (Log duly sent to Frank from Icefaces) I will post the answer here for all to see if you have the same problem.

  8. Look at the log, none of exception related to PanelTabSet Renderering.

    If you change selectedIndex and reopen visual designer, Is the one selected showing up?

  9. Yes – thats whats happening

  10. If you have any further questions, please follow up on this thread:


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