The return to UBUNTU!

I made a radical decision with my team today.

I used to live on UBUNTU and only use Windows for things that wouldnt work under Ubuntu.

Recently my latest new developer was singing Ubuntu’s praises so I thought I’d go back for a revisit.

Netbeans runs in Ubuntu about 50 times faster than Windows. My machine under ubuntu has got a new lease of life.

– The graphics are astounding – I installed the compiz package.
– We used some sort of install that ran under windoze and creates a host folder with all my windows stuff. – This meant I could just load up and work on the netbeans projects from my windows directory.
– The install of ubuntu including all the setting up only took a couple of hours, most of the stuff was installed automatically.
– I had problems with VPN’s not connecting but that was quickly fixed

I can’t see myself returning to Windows any time soon, I simply don’t see the point.

I have got all the developers moving to Ubuntu now as it is simply better than Windows for development of java apps.


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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  1. Incidentally, why *does* Netbeans run so much faster in Linux? Is there any valid reason? I love my Windows netbook, and it flies on everything except by favorite IDE ><

  2. Dang, that’s fail. I wonder where I could contribute to fixing that.

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