Netbeans 6.8, good old woodstock!

Well, it seems that Netbeans 6.8 does not come with Visual Web/Woodstock

I suspect that Sun (Oracle) are planning to replace it with those really nice ADF components, brilliant but folks it just is not commercial in my view.

People like us who have been using Netbeans with Woodstock to build HUGE applications are left high and dry and can’t move forward or upgrade to the new version. The cost of us converting to the new components is just too great with no financial benefit. We had the same trouble with IceFaces when that came out.

Personally I would like to actually get DHTLMX components and tightly integrate them with Woodstock and Visual Web, using this combination of components we’ve built some really swish AJAX based web apps that run VERY fast.

When you have 300 components on a form, you cannot hope to do it manually and leaving us with a text only option with no layout facilities provides us with no alternative but to stay with Netbeans 6.7.

So here’s my plan.

I plan to develop a tool/plugin/thingy that will allow you to visually design JSP/JSF pages. It will be seperate from Netbeans so we don’t suffer with random upgrade blues.




About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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  1. You have my support! I was also very disappointed to see that instead of improving areas of the so called “4th generation IDEs” they have a step back. I am certain this has to do with Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, and I am also certain that Oracle’s ADF ( which is commercial and costs 6000 USD per CPU ) will be the center of attention of Netbeans from now, unfortunately.

    Many people clain that absolute visual development is not adapt for web content. They are very wrong. Large app developers such as PeopleSoft/PeopleTools and SAP would not be able to be productive on the application development teams without them. People today have screens with high resolution (even on phones), and if they still try to open web apps on a tiny wap-phone, then it’s their problem…. we don’t need those folks as customers or users for our applications. The world has to move forward!

  2. Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  3. I agree. I have in the past built applications using woodstock and I have downloaded the new net beans expecting to do the same again and have been left very disappointed…

  4. This is very dissappointing. It is very unfortunate that a tool as resourceful as visual web has been dropped from a higher version of netbeans (6.8) whose chief purpose is to further improve the ease with which development is done. I believe this is a shame to all of us and it is probably the demise of an IDE that has stood as one of the best IDEs over a long stretch of time.

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