Netbeans 6.9…. Woodstock is BACK!

Great News,

To my surprise, upon installing Netbeans 6.9, I find the woodstock plugins back inside and working great. This is amazingly good news for us as we are often building complex screens and laying it out in raw, naked jsp is just too much and too time consuming!

Great Job!

Now – perhaps we should get back to supporting it somehow?


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I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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  1. Are these JSF 2.0 components? So VWP is alive again? Didn’t see any news on netbeans mailing list about this!

  2. In fact they are JSF 1.2 I think – we’ve been looking at rolling on to Glassfish 3 but they don’t work straight away.

    If I *EVER* get any time I would be happy to 2.0 those components but at the moment we’re snowed under!

  3. Unfortunately the VWP will be included only in the milestone editions as part of some build process but without bug fixing. So Woodstock is still dead, and Ice Faces folks have no intention to invest time in this project anymore.

    • Yes it’s interesting, we are currently developing our own framework because frankly we’re fed-up with the way things have been messed around.

      If you build a big project on something you can’t be expected to recode it in something else just because someone decides not to support it any more. Who is going to pay? Not the customer.

      • Hey, thats interesting news! Can you give us some more details? Are you planning to release it outside your organisation? Is it only a view one or you plan to generate things like Managed Beans too?

      • That’s the risk premium for using free software.

        I’m not sure what is the point to pull Woodstock out hibernation then? I’d really like to see a migration tool of some kind.

  4. The Netbeans 6.9 beta has not woodstock. They are kidding!

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