The Lion Roars – Lion due to be released today and a surprising upgrade.

Two posts in one!

As an Apple developer I’ve been running Lion for some time now  and  I have to say it’s Awesome. The new gestures and swiping make life much easier, the fast desktop switching, Launchpad.

If you have a PC, sell it and get a Mac with Lion! IF you have a Mac, time to upgrade!

Funnily enough the one thing that puzzles me is that there is not much noise being made by Apple about it, they are either incredibly humble or too busy suing HTC.

Surprising Upgrade!

The distance between Windows and Mac OSX is huge in my view, for example, I had a white Macbook, I know BAD choice, they are a nightmare to keep clean, and due to my cleanliness and scrubbing I broke it (too much Screen Cleaner), so I upgraded to a MacBook pro, second hand one, but still lovely, took my fast 500gb drive out of MacBook, Plug into MacBook pro and it booted. Not only did it boot but all my stuff was there and just worked, no inputting long registration numbers or phoning people. Excellent.

Try that with Windows.

The Macbook Pro I bought was a 2009 machine! 2009! You buy a 2009 Windows Laptop it’s probably not going to run that great, probably won’t run Windows 7. My Macbook Pro FLIES, it’s like a new machine, it runs Second Life like a dream, PKR all my programming environments, Netbeans, IntelliJIdea, Xcode, the lot with ease.

Then I put Lion on it and the thing is a dream! How did I survive without it?

Is my iPad redundant?

My iPad though has been naturally getting less use, that’s only because of the novelty of a new system, however I still have my iPad next to me at work, I still read The Times iPad edition it’s rich and lovely, I still use my iPad as my guitar effects, read my Bible on it, it’s still VERY useful. Even with an iPhone.



About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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  1. My Netbeans installation died on the machines I’ve upgraded to Lion… is yours still working? The app just closes immediately after/prior to opening.

  2. Ha… my bad… evidently Lion doesn’t ship with Java installed (as I now remember reading somewhere).

    A quick install of Java from here (or anywhere else will get Netbeans (and any other Java app) back in action.

    • Yes I was going to say that!

      It’s a good idea to run ALL the software updates once you have lion installed, you’ll love it I’m sure 🙂

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