Book: Java EE 6 Development with NetBeans 7

Having Junior staff is always a problem. Once every couple  of hours you get  a silly question so I’ve been looking for a guide book to give them a basic knowledge of things like JPA.

I was very pleased to see the book covers installing on all platforms, the author recognising that there are a lot of developers who use Linux, Solaris and Mac as well as Windows .

Installation also includes how to install with JBoss which  I like, not just sticking to the easy option.

I think for the beginner this is an excellent book in terms of setting up NetBeans and covering the basics. I would think a knowledge of Java would ofcourse help, but that is not the scope of this book. You’d need to get another tutorial on Java and there are many good ones out there.

I like the inclusion of PrimeFaces components. Although one of my frustrations with all of this is the lack of a WYSIWYG designer for these components, it makes good design of a lot of components quite hard.

It’s a thorough book and covers the basics achieving what it sets out to do.

Link to the book:


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