Rioting and Looting in the UK, what about software rioting?

Recently we have been witness to some terrible rioting and looting in the UK. People breaking in to shops. These people have broken lives and livelihoods and really, no one is sure why. Sure, there was the killing of a man by police. But a lot of the youth seem to have no idea why they did what they did and through our judicial system they will, rightly so, receive punishment.

But, for years, and every day there is a form of looting going on that affects livelihoods of people like me. I was 16 when I first had my own software company, I was young and immature but I worked day and night on the software  I released it was my passion. I realised that people had low moral values when I was offered a PIRATE COPY of my own software.

Not everyone in IT is rolling in it, not every company is making a fortune, when people rip of software it is like walking into a shop, picking up something that doesn’t belong to you and walking out with it. You don’t feel the effects of it, but we, in the software world do.

In a way that’s why I like the apple iTunes store for publishing my iPad / iphone/ mac apps. Because it’s very difficult to rip the software off, not without doing dirty things to your apple gear, which I for one don’t want to do.

So, people, before you wind up your torrent downloader, or head off to pirate bay, remember us software engineers, working hard, developing and inventing. Remember we have to feed our kids. We don’t come and steel your stuff from under your nose, don’t do it to us.


About Paul C

I am a Senior Java programmer/Web Technologies, Play in a band called Mandolin Monday, I have a cat and I live on a boat.

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