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The Apple Magic Mouse….

I’ve just received delivery of a new gadget. The Apple Magic Mouse.

It’s disturbing.

To be honest I don’t know why it works, how it works but its lovely to push around and click but the GESTURES!!! wow. I gently rub my fingers on it and it does great things, like showing me all the open windows. Zooming in (with Control) to bits of stuff I’m trying to read. Flipping between screens.

It shouldn’t work, how can one device with one button do so much? This is not normal and it has to stop. (But it won’t, and I’m glad)

Setting up was easy. Settings, Set up bluetooth mouse, it found it, we connected and it was love. When I shut my mac down and bring it back, it shows me a nice pic of the mouse and says reassuringly “connected”.

Another VERY cool product, well done Apple!

Could you please invent a Magic Car. That runs on air, doesn’t need tyres and has an apple logo on the back. I’d be most grateful.

I wonder  what the Apple wireless keyboard does, perhaps it types for you and I can stay at home instead of going to work.



Android Global Variables.

Those of you familiar with android programming will be used to using intents to pass data from activity to activity but there is a much easier way of storing state information. Using a global variable class.

1. Create a class

public class GlobalVariables extends Application {

    public String sResult = "";

This extends the application class.

Then edit your AndroidManifest.xml file

   <application android:name="GlobalVariables" android:theme="@style/CustomTheme" android:label="@string/app_name"
                 android:icon="@drawable/icon"  >

When you want access to one of those juicy globals in your application just use:-

  GlobalVariables gb = ((GlobalVariables) getApplicationContext());
  Log.i("Test Variable is "+gb.sResult);



Android HTC in Apple Patent Breach

This story

On ZDNet could have serious implications for HTC and the Android market in the USA!