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Java Server Faces and Google Chrome — Goodbye IE!

When Firefox 3 came out I was hoping it would run JSF faster than IE did, instead it actually failed to run at all well so we just forgot about it and went back to sunny IE for our clients.

Today! I install Google Chrome… Actually I expected JSF not to work at all… let alone how it does.

JSF runs VERY VERY VERY Fast in Google Chrome, sorry, actually, the whole internet runs VERY VERY VERY FAST.

Our tests so far show perfect compatibilty with JSF and it turns the web browser into an application browser, apart from the fact we can perform more customisations of the browser and use it as a real tool for accessing the multiple JSF projects we have.

We can now see bottlenecks without running profiler. The time between the pages loading shows where the problems are. IE really struggled with massive amounts of componants on pages. 


If you’ve not tried Google Chrome please please do… hitch it up to your JSF application (or any web app) or your favorite website and just fall off your chair at the MARKED DIFFERENCE in speed. 

I would think once word gets out that people will not want to use IE any longer.