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Netbeans 6.5 RC Can’t load 6.1 Project

Normally I write posts to solve problems. Sadly today I’m writing a post out of desperation. I am currently reviewing the RC of Netbeans 6.5, it has some great features *BUT* we have our main huge project we are working on right now that we can’t work with in it.

It’s an enterprise application with Jasper Reports and Java Server Faces, however. We cannot load any JSF pages they don’t appear for editing, just the java code, we occasionally get an “Illegal State Exception”.

I read somewhere that the problem is to do with Jasper Reports, but even not loading the plugins we cannot load the JSF pages from the project in 6.5.

It is the jasper reports plugin Ireport causing the problem. Unfortunately you can’t just uninstall the plugin it seems to actually “stuff up” (technical term) NB completely.