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I think I’m in love….and not just with my wife

We’ve got a new member of our programming team, Uthay, I can’t even say or spell his full name, but anyway, he came along and showed me this tool called SQLyog.

Although we only had the community edition after some coaxing we managed to get the boss to shell out for the full version, enterprise edition.

This is absolutely superb, it is WELL WORTH upgrading the full enterprise version has some amazing tools that make database development MUCH easier. Especially when like us we have to modify and change databases then roll out the changes to another server. For example when we have 5 or 6 versions of our application out there and want to roll out the new application, that’s easy enough, but remembering the differences between the two versions is a bit of a pain, with this tool we can just syncronize them and it will modify the destination tables (and data if we want) to match the source.

I particularly like the Query development tool, one of the good things about good old Microsoft Access was how easy it was to build complex queries, in this software it is just as easy, particularly useful when building large scale data structures.

It’s such a shame it doesn’t support anything else apart from MYSQL. However I will be transmographying a database from a SQL server over to MYSQL JUST TO USE IT!

There is a community version but the full version is only like £50 so it’s well worth purchasing.